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What is Super Fibre? This food supplement is packed with fibre from various sources, including both soluble and insoluble fibres. It also includes the prebiotic inulin. While fibre might not be the first supplement you think of when considering the needs of an active body, low fibre intakes can result...
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Acti-Fit - Super Fibre 450g - Powder

Vendor: Acti-Fit

Super Fibre 450g


Vendor: Acti-Fit

Super Fibre 450g


It contains psyllium, another source of fibre. Psyllium helps to draw water into the gut, a gentle bulk laxative, psyllium can reduce internal swelling and calms & soothes the intestines.


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15g serving provides:
Energy value 150 Kj / 36 cal
Fats 1.95mg

(of which sugars)


Proteins 0.1g
Salt 4.5mg
Fibre 11.7g
Apple fibre 3.2g
Psyllium husk 2.8g
Concentrated plum power 1.5g
Inulin 1g
Guar gum 0.9g
Oat bran 0.9g
Acacia gum 0.9g
Cinnamon bark 360mg
Artichoke extract 102mg

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